Paracas – Islas Balleta

260 km south of Lima in Pisco, Ica, is the small town of Paracas, best known for its national park and wildlife reserve, one of Peru’s main attractions.

On Paracas’s beautiful coastline are the Ballesta Islands, where one can see birds, sea lions, Humboldt penguins and occasionally dolphins. There are two-hour boat tours to these gorgeous islands, mostly leaving at 8.00 am. The tour costs around 40 Peruvian soles (approx. US$13).

There are also guided tours to the land part of the national reserve to see the Julio C Tello museum, the Reserve’s Visitor Centre, and the beautiful coastline with its famous “cathedral” rock formation.

Visitors can also enjoy adventure sports such as diving, dune buggies and hang-gliding.