Azpitia:                                          A Balcony in the Sky

Located in a beautiful valley in the province of Cañete, about 80 km south of Lima, San Vicente de Azpitia is known for its orchards, corn, vineyards and fruit trees like apple, pacay and lucuma.

Take a walk through the vineyards or visit the local pisco ‘bodegas’ (the most popular of which is El Sarkay). Sample the products for free, and become acquainted with the distilling process.

Admire Peru’s caballos de paso (step horses) performing daily, and do trekking or mountain-biking.

A big attraction of this charming valley is its exquisite cuisine. On the menu are the freshest and tastiest prawns, typical tamales, cuy (roasted guinea pig), organic duck, and Peru’s well-known pisco.