Crafts Fair & Local Market


a local market,
a variety of restaurants,
hair salons,
gyms and spas,
a shopping mall,
and a large crafts fair where you can
find hand-made clothing and
artifacts from all corners of Peru

Near us
one of Lima's best known
crafts fairs:

On Avenida La Marina and some ten blocks from Avenida Brasil is
'la Feria de la Avenida La Marina'

An endless variety of crafts from Peru's
Andean, coastal, and jungle regions, is there to be enjoyed
and purchased for very competitive prices

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Magdalena's neighbourhood market

The promenades within the market complex (top left below)
and the colourful streets (top right below)
make the market a festive place

The market is located near Magdalena's main plaza
(bottom left below)
and a few blocks from the Magdalena Malecon,
a promenade that overlooks the sea
(bottom right below)

Local neighbourhood market [jpg]

The market and nearby parks

Market And Parks Map [jpg]Market And Parks Map [jpg]

Largest nearby shopping areas and supermarkets

At or near these shopping areas you will find fine estaurants, cinemas,
discos, boutiques, and banks

Shopping Map [jpg]Shoppingg Map [jpg]

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